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Xenios Cottages

Travelling for 25 minutes, just 26 km northwest of Limassol, one meets the picturesque village of Lofou. It is built amphitheatrically on the hills at an altitude of 800 meters. Going up the road of Limassol – Platres and turn left just after Alassa in 15 minutes you are in the village. A village, which remained intact through the years, without substantial changes as a unique example of a traditional Cypriot village in the countryside.

An old building dating from 1880 renovated with care  and natural materials such as wood and stone, to maintain the original construction style of the region and the aesthetic. With the restoration three independent houses were created that can accommodate up to 11 people. Ideal for families, groups or couples. An accommodation ideal for those who love peace, tranquility and beauty of nature, offering all the amenities you could ask for a pleasant stay, in a fabulous and pure area… away from the bustle and pace of the city.




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