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Lofou Walking Trail

Lofou walking trail begins just a few tens of meters north of the building area of Lofou towards Sylikou village. It covers a distance of about a kilometer and follows a downhill course towards the traditional faucet of Elitji, where the villagers of Lofou used to get water at the older times. Onto the faucet, which is the end of the route, there is an inscription dated 1842, which proves the date that the faucet was built.

The trail is located south of a small stream which is flowed with water only during the winter months. This phenomenon creates a micro-system along the walking trail somewhat different from the rest of the region. Here the walker may admire various species of Cyprus flora and fauna such as tall shrubs and oaks as well as many herbs.

The walking trail has special aesthetic value for both the residents and the visitors of the village. Many of them usually take the change to visit it in order to relax and escape from the daily routine.

 Author: Vasos Ioannou (president of Ypsonas and Lofou Hunting Association)