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Documentary on Lofou

Giannis Apostolou, a member of Lofou Association, had the idea of making a documentary presenting the history and the sights of Lofou. This idea was immediately embraced by all the organized groups of the community. Lofou Association, because of its previous experience in creating forms of promotion and advertising community as well as due to better training of its members in matters of technology, was authorized to undertake the whole project on behalf of all the organized groups of Lofou. An active role regarding the implementation of the documentary was undertaken by Lukas Walewski, a member of the Board of Lofou Association, who is also director and member of the Board of the “Centre for Performing Arts Mitos”. The documentary, with duration of about 25 minutes, is covering the history of Lofou from antiquity to the present, the sights of the village, the customs of people of Lofou, as well as the places of dining, recreation and entertainment that are active in the village. In the context of the implementation of the documentary, interviews were taken by the current and the former Mayor of Lofou, the current and the former president of Lofou Association, the president of the Cooperative Bank of Ypsona and Lofou, the Mayor of Ypsonas and the residents of the village. Finally, special thanks go to the Youth Board of Cyprus, without the help of which it would have been impossible to implement the documentary.